GNAT Responds to Hon. Gifty Twum-Ampofo’s Remarks on Teachers


The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has addressed the statement that “teachers must be blamed for Ghana’s woeful economy” made by Hon. Gifty Twum-Ampofo, the Deputy Minister of Education in charge of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

According to reports, Hon. Twum-Ampofo made the statement on July 1, 2023, during the 175th Anniversary celebration of the Presbyterian College of Education, Akropong Akwapim.

GNAT strongly reacts to Hon. Twum-Ampofo’s statement, considering it not only unfortunate but also vicious, irresponsible, and uncalled for. As a key figure in the education sector, it is expected that Hon. Twum-Ampofo would contribute towards finding solutions to the numerous challenges faced by teachers and the education system as a whole.

The Association finds it disheartening that individuals who have attained higher positions and experienced a more favorable environment would choose to criticize and hold others accountable for their failures.

GNAT questions whether Hon. Twum-Ampofo truly recognizes and appreciates the individuals who were being honored during the event, both past and present educationists.

GNAT asserts that it will not remain silent while teachers are unfairly targeted by those in positions of power. Teachers should not be made scapegoats or experimental subjects for hastily implemented policies. It is crucial that remarks such as those made by Hon. Twum-Ampofo cease, as they do not benefit any of us.

To be clear, GNAT emphasizes that educationists and teachers do not have representation in the cabinet discussions regarding Ghana’s economy. The Finance Ministry is not headed by a teacher, and there is no record of an educationist or teacher ever being invited to present on the country’s economic prospects or challenges.

Given these developments, GNAT is frustrated with the constant scapegoating and blame games directed towards teachers. Madam Twum-Ampofo should not make it seem as though only an inept worker blames their tools for their failures, when, in reality, there are often other factors at play.

GNAT firmly states that enough is enough, and it hopes that Hon. Twum-Ampofo will lend an ear to their concerns. Nevertheless, GNAT remains a reliable stakeholder and partner in the education enterprise.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers stands united in its response to Hon. Gifty Twum-Ampofo’s remarks. It advocates for the fair treatment and recognition of teachers, urging policymakers to consider their expertise and involve them in critical discussions that impact the education sector.

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