GNAT Calls For Urgent Reintroduction of Corporal Punishment in Schools


The spate of indiscipline incidents at prominent educational institutions, including Adisadel College and Labone SHS, has prompted intense discussions around the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools.

These debates have revitalized the push for a return to disciplinary measures that were once deemed necessary for maintaining order and instilling discipline in students.

The year 2019 witnessed the Ghana Education Service (GES) imposing a nationwide ban on all forms of corporal punishment, mandating the adoption of the “Positive Discipline Toolkit” across pre-tertiary schools.

Nevertheless, a growing number of individuals from the public have expressed concern about the effectiveness of this decision, pointing to the escalating indiscipline among students.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has emerged as a strong advocate for the reinstatement of corporal punishment in schools.

Notably, GNAT emphasizes that any reintroduction of such disciplinary action must align with the empowerment and support of teachers.

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Thomas Musah, the General Secretary of GNAT, has joined the chorus of voices calling for the revival of corporal punishment in schools as a means to restore discipline.

In light of the Adisadel College assault case and other incidents, it is evident that there is an urgent need to revisit the use of corporal punishment in schools.

GNAT firmly believes that reintroducing such measures would serve as a crucial tool in fostering discipline and a culture of respect among students.

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