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The Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) is a crucial exam that determines whether an individual is eligible to teach in Ghana.

Without successfully passing this exam, aspiring teachers are unable to teach in schools across the country.

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The GTLE is administered by the National Teaching Council (NTC), responsible for ensuring high-quality teaching standards in Ghana.

Importance of the GTLE

The GTLE holds significant importance in the teaching profession in Ghana.

It serves as a compulsory requirement for individuals seeking licensure to teach.

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Those who have not taken and passed the GTLE are prohibited from teaching in any educational institution in the country.

This underscores the critical role the exam plays in maintaining high standards in the teaching profession.

Conducting Body

As stated earlier, the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination is organized and conducted by the National Teaching Council (NTC).

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It is important to note that the NTC does not provide tuition or preparatory classes for the candidates.

However, they have outlined the content areas for each course, including Early Grade, Primary, Junior High School (JHS), and Senior High School (SHS) Education.

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Exam Papers and Content Areas

Candidates appearing for the GTLE will undertake three papers to assess their teaching knowledge and skills.

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The exam consists of the following papers:

  • General Paper: This paper evaluates candidates’ abilities in literacy, numeracy, and essential skills. It includes 100 multiple-choice questions, along with an essay question focusing on literacy.
  • Subject-based Pedagogy Paper: This paper assesses candidates’ understanding of teaching methods, pedagogical techniques, and other relevant aspects specific to their chosen major area. It comprises 100 multiple-choice questions.

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  • Major Area Content-based Paper: This paper tests candidates’ knowledge and mastery of the content within their major area. With 100 multiple-choice questions, this section aims to gauge their expertise in the subject they will be teaching.
Eligibility Criteria for Participation

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Currently, the GTLE is open to individuals who hold a Bachelor of Education degree or a Post Diploma in Education.

These candidates are eligible to participate in the examination and obtain their teaching license upon successful completion.

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It should be noted that the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination is an essential step for aspiring teachers to obtain their teaching license in Ghana

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