Ghana Education Service Recruitment Scam Alert


The Ghana Education Service (GES) is alerting the public of a recent surge in recruitment scams aimed at defrauding unsuspecting Nation Builders Corp (NABCO) beneficiaries.

The Service has received numerous reports of dubious individuals collecting money from applicants with the promise of securing employment into GES.

Such fraudulent practices tarnish the reputation of the GES and create distrust among the public. It is important to note that the GES does not require any form of payment from applicants before recruiting them.

The Service has not authorized any individual or group to collect money on its behalf for the purpose of recruitment.

The management of GES strongly condemns these criminal acts and urges the general public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the police.

Anyone who falls victim to these scams should note that the Ghana Education Service will not be held responsible for any financial losses.

It is essential for applicants to verify the authenticity of any recruitment agent claiming to work for GES. The GES recruitment process is transparent, and applicants are advised to visit the official GES website or contact the Service for further clarification.

In conclusion, the Ghana Education Service remains committed to providing equal opportunities for all qualified candidates, without any form of discrimination or undue influence. They advise the public to be cautious and avoid falling victim to these fraudulent schemes.

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