GES Never Recruits in Secret: Kofi Asare Assures Graduates and Job Seekers

Kofi Asare, Executive Director of Africa Education Watch
Kofi Asare, Executive Director of Africa Education Watch

To calm the anticipation and queries surrounding the recruitment into the Ghana Education Service (GES), Kofi Asare, Executive Director of Eduwatch, has made it clear that the organization never conducts secretive recruitment processes.

Asare emphasized that GES will officially announce recruitment opportunities on their Facebook page when the application portal is open.

In a social media post made recently, Asare urged graduates and individuals seeking employment within the education sector to remain patient and await the official announcement from the GES.

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He stated, “Plenty messages on when GES is recruiting. Please, GES never recruits in secret. When it is time, their Facebook page will announce.”

The statement was made in response to the numerous inquiries and impatience expressed by those eager to apply for the GES recruitment.

Asare’s reassurance aims to alleviate the anxiety surrounding the GES recruitment and encourage potential applicants to remain calm.

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Furthermore, he urged individuals to keep a close eye on the GES’s official Facebook page for updates regarding the opening of the recruitment portal.

Asare emphasized that GES will make a public announcement once all necessary arrangements have been completed.

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