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GES Directs 2024 BECE Candidates to Register for these Subjects


In a directive issued by the Ghana Education Service (GES), all 2024 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates have been instructed to register for specific approved courses.

The directive was conveyed in a letter dated 1st March, 2024, addressed to all Regional Directors of Education.

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According to the directive, the subjects that candidates are required to register for include mandatory subjects such as;  

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Social Studies
  • Religious and Moral Education
  • Career Technology
  • Creative Arts and Design.

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Additionally, candidates must select an elective subject, Ghanaian Language, based on their studied language.

Furthermore, candidates have the option to choose from optional subjects including;

  •  French
  • Arabic
  • Computing

The letter emphasized the importance of compliance with the directive and called upon the Regional Directors to ensure that the information is communicated to the relevant Metro/Municipal/District Directors of Education for implementation.

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The GES also expressed confidence in the cooperation and adherence of all stakeholders involved in the registration process.

Read the Letter Below;
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