Four Things To Consider Before You Go Into Marriage


There are four major things you must consider before you go into marriage.

You must consider your spiritual maturity:

How mature are you in God, you need to be sound spiritually, because it takes the spiritual strength that is the strength on the inside, to carry the weight on the outside.

It takes having God In your life to have a strong and godly marriage, so before going into marriage, you must have a strong relationship with your maker, because he knows everything about you.

You must be physically mature:

Everything In marriage requires maturity, so you must be physically mature both in age, stature, and mind before talking about marriage.

You must be emotionally mature:

if you know you are still not mature emotionally, don’t dive into marriage.
If you are into someone that is struggling with anger, please don’t go into Marriage, deal with your anger first before you talk of marriage.

You must be financially mature:

Am not trying to be materialistic, am being realistic, please don’t go into Marriage if you are still struggling financially, so before you start talking about marriage, you must be financially able to take care of everything that marriage brings.

If you are still single, invest in your life, find something prominent to do, and don’t relax because you have a lot of responsibilities to take up for years to come, so find something good and invest your time and energy in it.

Credit: Rev Funke Felix Adejumo.
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