Four Daboase Senior High Students Drown in Subri River


The town of Daboase, nestled in the Shama District, has been hit with the news of a heart-wrenching tragedy.

It is with heavy hearts that the community has to mourn the loss of four young lives, who are first year students at the Daboase Senior High School.

The four students drowned in the Subri River in the town whilst attempting to swim across it on Saturday, 24th June, 2023.

According to our reporter, Kofi Dadzie, the four students had placed a challenge on themselves to see who could swim better, with one of them boasting about his experience swimming in the sea in his hometown.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse, and all four students got into trouble in the water.

One of them managed to escape and narrated the story of what happened. Sadly, three of the students lost their lives at the spot, while two bodies were found with the help of the Daboase fire service. The remaining body is yet to be found.

The incident has left the town in shock, with many attributing it to the wrath of the river gods.

According to local beliefs, swimming in the Subri River is forbidden, and those who ignore this warning are punished by the river gods.

Below is the Video;

Here is the video of the tragedy.
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