Extension of Macro-Teaching Period: Special Notice to Teacher Trainees having their internship


The Second batch of the Four-Year Bachelor of Education Degree Programme at the 46 public colleges of Education has commenced their Extended Teaching (Internship) in their Partner Basic Schools.

The Course which is a school-based component of the teacher education program is designed to allow student-teachers to independently plan to teach, motivate and extend teaching.

The majority of the Colleges of Education due to the interruption of the academic calendar by CETAG’s industrial action last year began their internship on 6th February 2023 and trainees are in expectation to end it when the Basic schools vacate on 24th March 2023. It should be noted that the program was supposed to have commenced on January 20, 2023.

However, Information reaching the Front Desk of Coleman Publications on 20th February 2023 reveals the course has a minimum of 12 weeks and 12 credit hours, hence mentees will continue to stay at the post until May 2023. This ensures that the total number of weeks and required credit hours are met.

Mentees are admonished to treat this information with all urgency and prepare adequately. That is, trainees will be spending additional five weeks at their stations after the basic schools have resumed from their 10 days break on 3rd April 2023 to start the second term.

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Nana Afrifa Yamoah Pcnkc
Nana Afrifa Yamoah Pcnkc
9 months ago

But this is not a fair deal.
Does management, GTEC , MoE and affiliate institutions knows what they mean.
CETAG strike actions deteriorated our level 300 second semester, causing some colleges denied of completing the semester and not even writing mid semester quiz and exams. As it stands, this is another headache for the trainees under such situation.
They shouldn’t forget trainees had five good weeks to complete that deficit semester.
And recently date has come out for that pending quiz and exams without any revision time.
They should let us play a fair game here.
Thank you