Everything You Need To Know About Ghana Identification Cards And Their Registration & Renewal Prices


Our country, Ghana, has a national identification system in place, which offers various identification cards for us residing here.

These identification cards are widely used in government and other official transactions.

However, there are certain costs involved in registering and renewing these identification cards. In this article, we will discuss the official prices for registering and renewing these identification cards in Ghana.

Prices for Passport Application and Renewal:

The fees for expedited passport applications with 32 pages and 48 pages are GH₵150.00 and GH₵200.00, respectively. However, standard passport applications with 32 pages and 48 pages are GH₵100.00 and GH₵150.00, respectively.

The renewal of a passport costs GH₵150.00. It is essential to note that prices may vary if third-party services are involved in getting any of these services. An applicant may end up paying up to 10 times the original price.

Cost of a Birth Certificate in Ghana:

The cost of a biometric birth certificate in Ghana is GH₵70.00. However, seeking the services of third parties may cost more than the above.

Cost of Ghana Card or NIA Card:

Registering for a new Ghana Card will cost GH₵280.00, whereas the replacement cost GH₵110.00. It is recommended that one avoids third-party services to prevent being overcharged.

Cost of a Business Certificate and a Marriage Certificate:

The cost of a business certificate in Ghana is GH₵160.00. Meanwhile, third-party services may inflate the price. On the other hand, the cost of a marriage certificate is GH₵250.00.

While obtaining an identification card is essential for various official transactions, it is crucial to follow the laid down procedures at their offices to avoid overpaying.

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