Entrance Examination by Colleges of Education: A Reality or a fallacy?


Earlier this year, Coleman Publications did ‘a post’ giving notice to the 2022/2023 colleges of education applicants about the possibility of them writing an entrance examination as part of their admission selection process.

In an interaction with stakeholders at a conference on teacher training, the Chief Director at the Ministry of Education, Divine Ayidzoe asserted the 2022/2023 applicants will be writing an entrance examination.

He added the examination will be based on two core subjects – Mathematics and English

The Chief Director believes the examination will help in selecting people who are genuinely qualified and will make the teaching fraternity proud after graduating from the colleges, adding the best time to talk and produce quality teachers is now.

“If we are talking about teacher quality, I think it is time. Even the licensure examination data shows that trained teachers who have written BECE, and WASSCE, and undergone scrutiny at UCC and UEW cannot write a single sentence correctly and worse things from other institutions. How are they going to teach? So there is a call that from next year, entrance examinations in Mathematics and English should be conducted so that the qualified candidates will be selected to enter into the Colleges of Education. We have to get the best to enter our Colleges of Education”. Mode of training at the Colleges will have to be monitored well, he expressed.

Therefore, stakeholders are to note there would be an entrance examination for prospective candidates seeking admission to Colleges of Education from the 2022/2023 academic year.

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