Education Minister Provides Update on NTC Licensure Exam Resit Limit


The Minister for Education, Dr Adutwum, has addressed concerns regarding the National Teaching Council’s (NTC) licensure exam resit limit.

This update comes in response to calls from various stakeholders, including the Africa Education Watch, to place a cap on the number of times a candidate can resit the Ghana teacher licensure examination.

Education Minister Rejects Licensure Exam Resit Limit:

Dr Adutwum announced that there will be no cap on the number of times a candidate can resit the Ghana teacher licensure examination.

The Education Minister emphasized that current legislation does not allow for such limitations and expressed a commitment to providing opportunities for candidates to improve their performances.

Investigation into Mass Failure:

To address the high failure rate in the 2023 GTLE resit, the Ministry of Education stated they will establish a committee chaired by the Deputy Minister for Education, Ntim Fordjour.

The committee will include representatives from public and private Colleges of Education, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Education, a representative from the NTC, and a professor from the University of Cape Coast.

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The committee’s objective is to investigate the causes of the mass failure and propose solutions to improve future outcomes.

NTC Considers Introducing Cut-Off Point:

Following the significant failure rate in the first phase of the 2023 GTLE resit, the NTC is contemplating introducing a cut-off point for the examination.

The Registrar of NTC, Christian Addai Poku, stated that nearly 85% of tertiary graduates failed the resit, indicating a need for stricter standards.

The introduction of a cut-off point aims to ensure that candidates who repeatedly fail the examination do not waste their time and resources.

Transcript-Based Admission Process:

In a separate development, the Ministry of Education has directed public tertiary institutions to consider a transcript-based admission process in addition to the WASSCE results.

The Minister highlighted the importance of considering a student’s academic transcript as a criterion for admission. This approach recognizes the changing dynamics of tertiary education and ensures that qualified candidates are given opportunities based on their overall academic performance.

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