ECG Launches ‘Operation Zero’ for Bill Collection and Database Expansion


As part of its ongoing efforts to optimize revenue collection and expand its consumer database, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has launched a comprehensive operation known as “Operation Zero” which will start from 11th July to 11th September, 2023.

This operation aims to resolve outstanding bill payments, identify unregistered consumers, and encourage prompt payment for electricity services.

Under Operation Zero, ECG will deploy its capable staff directly to customers’ premises to personally request payment for outstanding bills. This proactive approach ensures that customers are made aware of their pending obligations and offers an opportunity for immediate bill settlement.

Moreover, ECG personnel will utilize the advanced ECG digital customer platform to instantly generate and issue bills to previously unregistered households, thereby expanding the consumer database and ensuring accurate billing practices.

During this extraordinary exercise, ECG will also introduce a moratorium, allowing those who have been consuming electricity without payment to rectify their account status promptly.

Customers in this situation will have the opportunity to visit their respective ECG offices for immediate regularization of their supply, ensuring uninterrupted electricity provision.

ECG appeals to customers who haven’t received their bills to make payments based on their average consumption to ensure proper account crediting.

To ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of Operation Zero, security agencies will work closely with ECG to apprehend and prosecute any customers attempting to interfere with the exercise.

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This measure emphasizes the importance of cooperation from the public and underscores ECG’s commitment to enforcing necessary actions for uninterrupted service provision and fair billing practices.

As Operation Zero takes place, ECG’s regional and district offices will streamline their operations to support the initiative. Staff members will focus on providing essential services to customers and ensuring complete participation from top management and staff. By optimizing their resources, ECG aims to deliver a comprehensive and efficient exercise.

It is important to note that ECG’s authority to carry out Operation Zero is supported by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission’s LI (2413), which grants the company full access to all its installations.

In light of this regulatory framework, ECG urges customers and the general public to cooperate fully to facilitate the successful execution of the operation and fulfill ECG’s mandate.

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ECG remains committed to providing reliable electricity services and will continue to introduce initiatives like Operation Zero to ensure accurate billing, timely payments, and efficient customer service.

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