“Don’t Blame Your Leadership, Blame the Government” – Trainees Urged to Redirect Frustration on Delayed Payments


In a conversation with the Editor in Chief for Coleman Publications, the issue of delayed allowance payments to teacher trainees in Ghana came under scrutiny.

The trainees have been openly criticizing the leadership of their association for the tardiness in receiving their promised stipends.

However, the Editor expressed his confusion as to why the trainees are holding their leadership accountable instead of directing their frustration towards the government itself, which is ultimately responsible for ensuring timely disbursements.

The Editor pointed out that even the Minister of Education had publicly declared that funds had been released for the payment of the trainees’ allowances back in May.

However, it was later revealed that this information was false, as the Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) confirmed that they had not yet received any funds from the government.

The Editor questioned why the trainees were not directing their criticism towards the Minister of Education, who had made misleading statements, instead of their own leadership.

In defense of the current administration of the trainees’ association, led by Captain Jephthah Nana Kwame, the Editor emphasized that they are diligently working to ensure that the allowances are disbursed on time.

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He reassured that the association is fully committed to addressing the concerns of the trainees, stating, “They are not sitting idly; they are actively engaged in resolving this matter.”

The Editor urged the trainees to unite and support their current leadership, encouraging them to confront the government together in order to challenge the empty promises made by certain government officials.

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“Rather than turning against one another, let us channel our frustrations towards the rightful source and hold the government accountable for the delayed payments. Let’s avoid limiting the leadership of TTAG to only allowance”, he stated.

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