Diploma Graduates aggrieved By NTC’s decision to exclude them from Licensure Exams

Representatives of diploma in education graduates have urgently called for intervention to postpone the NTC's exclusion of diploma holders from the exams.
Representatives of diploma in education graduates have urgently called for intervention to postpone the NTC's exclusion of diploma holders from the exams.

The Coalition of Diploma Graduates has voiced its grievances against the National Teaching Council (NTC) for its recent decision to exclude diploma graduates from participating in NTC examinations.

In a release issued on 16th February 2024, the coalition called for an immediate intervention to postpone this decision.

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The coalition, representing diploma in education graduates, argues that the NTC’s exclusion of diplomates is unfair and unjust.

They highlighted that since 2018, numerous diploma candidates have successfully passed NTC examinations, while many degree holders have failed.

Therefore, they believe it is unreasonable for the NTC to disregard diplomates in their new reforms.

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The November 2023 NTC examinations saw a total of 4,724 fresh diploma candidates participate, with 2,130 passing all three subjects and 1,073 passing two out of three papers.

This implies that a significant 67.8 percent of fresh diploma candidates successfully passed at least two papers.

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The coalition argues that it is unjust for the NTC to deny these individuals the opportunity to retake failed papers, especially when degree holders are granted the same privilege.

According to them, the NTC failed to extend the registration deadline for diploma candidates, unlike for degree candidates during the 2023 registration.

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As a result, many diploma candidates were unable to upload their details onto the NTC portal.

They also revealed that a significant number of diploma candidates were national service personnel who had not received their allowances then.

These financial constraints made it difficult for them to afford the GHS 500.00 registration fee, let alone cover the costs of preparation, accommodation, and transportation for the 2023 examinations.

The coalition emphasized that diploma graduates require employment, money, and time to pursue further qualifications.

Consequently, it is highly insensitive for the NTC to deny diplomates the opportunity to prove themselves in the 2024 examinations, which hold significant weight in the employment process.

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Drawing attention to the ongoing registration for 9,556-degree resitters, representing 47.4 percent of degree graduates, the coalition highlighted the disparities faced by diploma resitters and fresh diploma candidates who are currently unable to register.

In light of these concerns, the coalition is earnestly appealing for urgent intervention to persuade the NTC to reconsider its decision, allowing diplomates to participate in the 2024 examinations.

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The coalition stated they await responses from relevant authorities, hoping for a resolution that considers the plight of diploma graduates and ensures equal opportunities for all candidates.

Read the full statement below;
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