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Check Criteria for Admitting College of Education Applicants

This article aims to shed some light on some of the process and outline some of the requirements for successful admission into Colleges of Education
This article aims to shed some light on some of the process and outline some of the requirements for successful admission into Colleges of Education

There has been a growing number of college applicants seeking information regarding the criteria used by the Colleges of Education when admitting students.

In response to these numerous inquiries, this article aims to shed some light on the selection process and requirements for successful application.

Applicant’s Results

Colleges of Education evaluate applicants based on their Results. That is, One key criterion is the applicant’s academic results.

To be eligible, applicants must obtain Credit passes (A1-C6) in three CORE subjects, including English Language, integrated science and Mathematics, as well as three relevant Elective subjects.

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However, it’s important to note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission.

The competition is high, and colleges may give preference to applicants with higher grades.

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Therefore, the better your grades, the higher your chances of being admitted.

Illustrative Example:

To illustrate this, let’s consider two applicants, A and B, who both applied to Komenda College of Education for the 2023/2024 academic year and the college is to admit only one.

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Even if applicant A meets the minimum credit pass requirement with an aggregate of 12, applicant B with an aggregate of 9 may be chosen due to higher grades, ultimately surpassing the qualifying applicant A.

Choice of Programme

Another important consideration is the choice of program.

Applicants must ensure that they select a program relevant to their educational background (Program read at SHS).

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This means that if an applicant studied agricultural science in Senior high school, they should apply for a program related to that field, such as JHS programme, rather than opting for a completely unrelated program like Early Childhood Education.

Select the Right Program at the ‘Right College

As stated ealier, applicants should carefully evaluate the programs offered by the colleges they wish to apply to.

Some applicants unknowingly choose the wrong program, leading to their disqualification.

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Selecting a program aligned with your educational background and which is also done in the college you are applying to increases the chances of a successful application.

Preferred Choice of College

Colleges of Education sometimes give preference to applicants who are within their catchment areas.

Therefore, it is advisable to select a college closer to your location as your first choice.

The college to which you apply as your first choice will place greater consideration on your application.

Also, Applicants are required to select three colleges of their choice and an accompanying Ghanaian Language.

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For instance, if you select Twi as your accompanying language, colleges offering Twi as a Ghanaian language will be highlighted for your selection.

Therefore, it is advisable to select a college that is closer whith an accompanying Ghanaian Langauge which you can speak and read as your first choice.

Submission of Forms

After completing the online application form, applicants must print a copy and send it, along with one passport photograph and a copy/copies of their results slip(s), if available, in an EMS priority envelope obtainable from Ghana Post.

The envelope should be addressed to the Principal of the applicant’s first-choice college.

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Failure to submit the required documents and forms may result in disqualification from the admission process.


Applicants are to note that the Colleges cross-check their results from the West African Examinations Council as part of the admission process.

Therefore, Applicants found to have submitted fake or falsified documents in support of their applications are also disqualified.

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By considering some of the criteria mentioned above, potential applicants can enhance their chances of securing admission into their desired programs and colleges.

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