[Confirmed]: Reporting Date for Level 300 Teacher Trainees, Weeks to Spend & More


The Forty-six (46) Colleges of Education in the Country adopted the double track system in January 2021 to encompass enrolment.

It would be recalled that the Colleges traditionally operate a three-year diploma program where the final years leave campus for one year of teaching practice. This gives a lot of classroom and dormitory spaces at the colleges.

However, with the advent of the 4-year degree program by the government, all levels; 100, 200, 300, and 400 were to be on campus.

This was not feasible due to inadequate infrastructure at the various colleges. This compelled the inception of the double track.

Currently, the level 200s together with the first-year Students are on campus relishing their right to education for the first phase of their first semester. The level 100s and 200s are expected to spend 9 and 5 weeks respectively for the first phase of their first semester.

Level 300

The third Year Students are expected to report to campus for the first phase of their first semester on 27th February 2023. This is 5 weeks. Due to this, the second-year students are expected to break on 25th February 2023.

Level 400

The Level 400 Students are currently on the field for their macro-teaching. They commenced on January 20, 2023, and are expected to spend 12 weeks.

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