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Confirmed: Reporting Date for Colleges of Education Level 200 students


There’s a release making circulation indicating that the National Conference of Principals of Colleges of Education, PRINCOF has postponed the resumption date for the level 200 students in colleges of education from 16th to 30th October, 2022

From the checks of coleman publications, the communique released was not from PRINCOF as stated but from the University for Development studies’ Directorate of colleges of Education Affiliation.

According to the communique, the postponement is due to inadequate infrastructure problems currently facing the colleges of education affiliated with it since the Level 300 and 400 students are on campus.

This means students in colleges not affiliated with UDS are not to think as partakers of this postponement until an official missive is released by PRINCOF.

Until then, The resumption date for level 200 students, which is 16th October 2022 still holds.

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