Colleges of Education to Scrape off Double Track System?


Colleges Of Education are running a double-track system due to infrastructure deficits at the various colleges to accommodate the four batches of learners for the new 4-year Bachelor of Education(B.Ed) programme.

However, the system is likely to be scrapped in the 2022/2023 academic year due to the pressure the running of the system is imposing on the facilitators.

Unlike the Senior High Schools where the government after the initiative employed more teachers to help cater to the increased enrollment, the story is not the same for the colleges of education.

This has brought a lot of pressure on the tutors as they have to work ‘all year round’ without a break. This is a major reason CETAG is on strike as, despite such overtime and overload tasks, no incentives are credited to them.

And as the government is not ready to enroll more tutors(facilitators) for the colleges to help with the double-track system in the year 2023, as well as not ready to fulfill the promise of expanding infrastructure at the colleges, and with CETAG also not ready to continue with such tedious and overtime work, the government has no option but to resort to scrapping the double track system.

Effect On 2022/2023 Admission

If this should happen, then it means colleges of education would be left with no option but to admit only a few freshers for the 2022/2023 academic year, as there are limited accommodations at the various colleges.

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Some Colleges might also decide not to admit students for the 2022/2023 academic year as they have no facility to accommodate them.

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