College for Distance and e-Learning (CODeL)-UEW Introduces New Examination Structure


The Management of the College for Distance and e-Learning (CODeL) University of Education Winneba has announced a revision in the structure for their examination questions, which will take effect from the 2023/2024 Academic year.

The revised structure for the examination questions consists of two main components.

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Firstly, the Mid-Semester Examination will now comprise exclusively of multiple-choice questions.

This modification aims to objectively evaluate students’ understanding of the course materials covered during the initial part of the semester.

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Secondly, the End of Semester Examination will see a substantial change in its question composition.

Instead of the conventional essay questions, students will now be presented with a total of five (5) essay questions.

Out of these five questions, one (1) will be compulsory and based on a case study.

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Additionally, students will have the freedom to select two (2) additional questions of their choice from the remaining four (4).

This new structure is to ensure that students are given some flexibility in choosing the questions they feel most confident in answering, while still fostering a comprehensive evaluation of their knowledge and critical thinking skills.

All students are urged to take note of this revised examination format and prepare accordingly.

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The College for Distance and e-Learning University of Education Winneba administration encourages students to reach out to their course instructors or academic advisors for any clarifications or additional guidance regarding the revised examination structure.

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