CoE Principal Calls For Cancellation of Teacher Trainees’ Allowance


In a bold move, Joseph Amikuzuno, the principal of St. John Bosco’s College of Education, has proposed the cancellation of the GHS 149 teacher trainee allowance.

His intention behind this proposal is to allow colleges of education to admit a larger number of qualified graduates from the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in the upcoming academic year.

Amikuzuno highlighted that the government’s direct payment of the teacher trainees’ allowance has a significant impact on the enrollment of students in colleges of education.

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He stated that this policy forces the teacher training institutions to admit below their capacities, thus limiting the number of potential students who can benefit from their programs.

Using St. John Bosco’s College of Education as an example, Amikuzuno emphasized that his institution could admit more WASSCE graduates if it wasn’t for the quota system imposed on colleges of education.

Due to the re-introduction of trainee allowances, his college has had to accept far fewer students than its capacity would allow.

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Last year, St. John Bosco’s College of Education received over 3,000 applicants seeking admission. However, due to the existing quota system and the trainee allowances, they were compelled to limit their intake.

This situation is not ideal for both the college and the aspiring students who are seeking quality education to become teachers.

Amikuzuno believes that by canceling the GHS 149 teacher trainee allowance, colleges of education would have the freedom to admit a greater number of qualified graduates.

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This, in turn, would address the increasing demand for more trained teachers in the educational sector.

As discussions continue on the topic, Joseph Amikuzuno’s proposal serves as a conversation starter, urging policymakers and stakeholders in the education sector to reevaluate the impact of teacher trainee allowances on the admission process in colleges of education.

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