Close Down Colleges of Education if Teachers’ Qualification Depends on Licensure Examination- Netizens Fume


Since the introduction of educational reforms, teacher trainees undergo a four-year degree program to receive a certificate in Basic Education.

However, the qualification of teachers now depends on passing a licensure examination, which has caused some limitations and difficulties for students.

A recent report from Onua TV has revealed that only a handful of trained teachers passed their resit-licensure examination for this year.

Statistics of the 2023 GTEL 1 Presented by Onua TV

This has caused netizens to flood social media with questions concerning the authenticity of the examination.

According to some, the requirement to pass a licensure exam may not necessarily be the best measure of a student’s ability to teach. Other factors such as learning methods, creativity, and classroom management are equally important.

Some suggested that to address the issue, implementing the integration of the examination from Level 200 for teacher trainees would be the best.

This would enable the colleges to determine the qualified candidates and prevent those who fail from wasting valuable time and resources.

“Implementation of licensure exams is good reform, but they need to be strategic and ensure fairness to the students. Granting colleges the right to license their students would be a more impartial approach, putting colleges in charge of determining the academic qualifications of their graduates”, one stated.

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