Cement Trailer Involved in an Accident At Ayensudo, Takoradi-Accra Road


Late on Tuesday afternoon, an unfortunate incident occurred on the Takoradi-Accra highway, as a trailer carrying a significant load of cement was involved in an accident at Ayensudo, shortly after the Nduom School of Business stretch.

The incident has caused major traffic congestion on the highway, and it is currently affecting motorists and commuters in the area.

Our news team was told that the accident was likely caused by the driver’s drowsiness. Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the driver was struggling to keep his eyes open before the trailer flipped over.

Fortunately, no fatalities were recorded in the incident. However, the trailer suffered extensive damage, and a considerable amount of cement was lost in the accident.

Police officers responded swiftly to the scene of the accident, and they were able to apprehend one person in the trailer. However, the driver of the trailer managed to flee the scene of the accident, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Authorities are working tirelessly to locate the driver and bring him to justice for his actions.

The Takoradi-Accra highway is a critical route that connects the western and central regions of Ghana to the capital, Accra. The accident has caused significant disruptions to the flow of traffic along the route, and road users are advised to be cautious when using the highway until the incident is fully cleared.

Watch Video Below;

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