Celebrating Outstanding Achievements: African Youth for Sustainable Development Awards Night 2023


The opulent My Royal Hostels’ Conference Hall on 30th June, 2023 was transformed into a hub of excitement and inspiration as it hosted the prestigious Awards Night of the Sustainable Development Excellence Awards organized by African Youth for Sustainable Development (AYSD).

This highly anticipated event united passionate individuals, visionary organizations, and groundbreaking projects, all dedicated to profoundly impacting sustainable development throughout Africa. The event was a celebration of exceptional achievements and a catalyst for driving a sustainable future.

Unveiling the Event:

The curtains were raised on this memorable night with a warm and heartfelt welcome address delivered by Samuel Apeti, the esteemed Director of African Youth for Sustainable Development. Apeti took the stage to express his profound gratitude for the unwavering commitment of the participants to sustainable development and set the tone for an inspiring and unforgettable evening that lay ahead.

Chairmanship and Acceptance Message:

Taking on the role of Chairman for the event was none other than Dr. Martin Kolbil Yamborigya, a distinguished figure as the Assistant Commissioner and Head of Audit at the Large Taxpayers Office of the Ghana Revenue Authority.

Dr. Yamborigya delivered a profound acceptance message, highlighting the significance of recognizing and honoring those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to sustainable development. His words resonated deeply, instilling a sense of pride and motivation in all attendees.

A Visionary Keynote Speaker:

The event welcomed Lawyer William Agbevitor, the esteemed Head of the Legal Department at the Food and Drug Authority, as the guest speaker of the evening. Lawyer Agbevitor took center stage, captivating the audience with his thought-provoking speech.

He emphasized the urgent need for innovative solutions, collaborative efforts, and shared responsibility among all stakeholders in shaping a sustainable future for Africa. His words served as a rallying cry, igniting a renewed sense of purpose and determination in the hearts of the attendees.

Celebrating Excellence:

Following the enlightening speeches, the spotlight shifted to the presentation of awards and certificates to the deserving winners across various categories. Lawyer William Agbevitor, Dr. Martin Kolbil Yamborigya, Samuel Apeti, and other esteemed guests adorned the stage, each one eagerly presenting accolades to those who had made significant contributions to sustainable development.

Recognizing the Change-Makers:

The Sustainable Development Excellence Awards 2023 stood as a testament to the exceptional individuals and organizations whose unwavering efforts have pushed the boundaries of sustainable development.

Among the esteemed winners were Yaqub Abdul Wahab, recognized as the recipient of the prestigious Excellence SRC Executive of the Year award, and Salifu Iddriss, applauded as the outstanding Excellence SRC President of the Year.

The Rising Star of the Year title was bestowed upon Abdulai Chimsi Ghafaru, while Elicot Nana Kweku Okyere claimed the coveted Excellence Blogger of the Year title, captivating audiences with his transformative online presence.

The celebration continued as Atsu Kwame Archimedes was honored as the esteemed Excellence Teacher of the Year, and Dr. Yaw Twum emerged triumphantly as the exemplary Excellence CEO of the Year.

The Cape Coast Youth Development Association received thunderous applause as they were bestowed with the Excellence Environmental Award, acknowledging their tireless commitment to preserving Africa’s natural heritage.

The dynamic and vibrant Habib Ikililu was recognized as the Excellence Sports Personality of the Year, captivating hearts and inspiring young athletes across the continent.

Pioneers of Excellence in Various Fields:

As the night progressed, a constellation of exceptional individuals were celebrated for their unwavering dedication and impact across diverse fields. Careen Lamptey, a true trendsetter, was hailed as the Excellent Fashion Icon of the Year, setting new standards in sustainable fashion.

Owusu Sekyere earned the title of Excellent in Literary and Arts, showcasing his artistic brilliance and social consciousness. Abdullah Chimsi Ghafaru received the award for Excellent in Governance, while Bless Akwasi Eyram Mensah was acknowledged as the Excellent in Leadership awardee, both exemplifying visionary leadership in their respective spheres.

Garaba Murtala Labaran was honored as the Excellence Public Servant of the Year, recognized for his tireless dedication to public service. Awoonor Elijah Wupe, an exceptional entrepreneur, was celebrated as the Excellence Entrepreneur of the Year, leading the way in sustainable business practices.

The Cape Coast Youth Development Association received an additional accolade as the Excellence NGO of the Year, commending their impactful initiatives and transformative community work.

Hon. Stephen Doffoe Forson was granted the prestigious Excellence Special Award, recognizing his extraordinary contributions to society. Nura Mohammed and Fred Bilgate were recognized as the Excellence Female and Male Personalities of the Year, respectively, for their outstanding achievements and positive influence.

Honoring Guests of Distinction:

The awards extended beyond the nominees to recognize esteemed guests who have made significant contributions to sustainable development.

Obuobia Darko-Opoku received the Excellence Philanthropist award, acknowledging her selfless dedication to uplifting communities. Hon. Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu was recognized for his Excellence in Politics and Humanitarian efforts, championing the cause of justice and social welfare.

Hon. Jennifer Dede Adjabeng was honored as the Excellence Municipal Chief Executive and Change Maker, driving positive change at the local level. Palgrave Boakye-Danquah received the award for Excellence Communicator in Governance, utilizing his skills to foster effective governance and public engagement.

Amos Onyango and Dr. Mercy Kalekye were applauded for their Excellence in Youth Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship and Excellence in Youth Empowerment and Cultural Advocacy, respectively, empowering African youth to shape their futures. Bernard A. Mornah was acknowledged for his Excellence in Public Service and Leadership, leaving an indelible mark on society.

Celebrating Global Environmental Champions:

An exceptional honor, the Excellence in Global Green Champion award, was presented to Amb. Smily Mukta Ghoshal, an environmental advocate of extraordinary caliber. Her remarkable contributions to environmental sustainability earned her this prestigious recognition.

The Pinnacle of Achievement:

The climactic moment arrived with the announcement of the overall winner of the Sustainable Development Excellence Awards – 2023.

Elicot Nana Kweku Okyere stood triumphant, receiving the prestigious title accompanied by a cash prize of $250.00. Okyere’s exceptional achievements and unwavering dedication to sustainable development served as an inspiration to all present, embodying the spirit of the awards.

A Tapestry of Entertainment:

In between the award presentations, the audience was treated to captivating performances that further enhanced the enchanting atmosphere.

The lineup included the mesmerizing acts of Magical Fortress, captivating the audience with their awe-inspiring illusions. Smart De-Poet enchanted with his poetic talent, stirring emotions and sparking reflections. Musical performances by Ostinato Boy, Scar Zero, Top Shella, and Kilinjoes filled the air with vibrant melodies, igniting the spirit of celebration and unity.

A Closing Filled with Gratitude:

The event drew to a close with closing remarks from Inusah Abdul Latif, the Coordinator of the Sustainable Development Excellence Awards – 2023. Additionally, Lawyer William Agbevitor, Dr. Martin Kolbil Yamborigya, and Bernard A. Mornah shared brief closing remarks, expressing their deep appreciation for the exceptional achievements showcased throughout the evening. Bernice Kumi skillfully led the event as the Master of Ceremonies, ensuring a seamless and engaging flow from start to finish.

A Historic Celebration of African Youth for Sustainable Development:

The Awards Night of the Sustainable Development Excellence Awards by African Youth for Sustainable Development was an extraordinary occasion, serving as a momentous celebration and recognition of the remarkable efforts made by individuals and organizations driving sustainable development in Africa.

It magnified the immense potential and unwavering dedication of the African youth in shaping a brighter, more inclusive, and sustainable future for all.

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