Catholic schools and offices across the country to be closed on Thursday

All Catholic Schools and Offices Across the Country to Be Closed on Thursday
All Catholic Schools and Offices Across the Country to Be Closed on Thursday

The Catholic Education Unit of Ghana has announced that all Catholic schools and offices in the country will be closed on Thursday, 9th May, 2024, to observe Ascension Day.

The decision to observe the Ascension Day stems from the standing approval outlined in the Director General’s Letter No. AD/57, Ref. No. 1389/SF.1/Vol.130 dated February 8th, 1957.

It is a tradition that has been observed for many years and holds great significance for Catholics around the world.

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The Regional Managers of the Catholic Education Unit offices, along with the chaplains in Senior High Schools and Tertiary institutions, have also been assigned the responsibility of ensuring that the day is observed appropriately.

They are tasked with organizing various religious activities and ceremonies to commemorate the Ascension of Jesus Christ.

As a result of this directive, all Catholic schools across the country will be on holiday.

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This time off is to allow students, teachers, and staff to participate in religious services and spend time reflecting on the importance of this day in the Catholic faith.

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