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Can Trainees at Colleges of Education Apply for Student Loan?


The Students Loan Trust Fund is a public institution established under the Trustee Incorporation Act 1962, Act 106 to provide financial resources for the benefit of students and to promote and facilitate the national ideals as enshrined in Articles 25 and 38 of the 1992 Constitution.

It is a state-owned agency in charge of disbursement of loans to tertiary students in recognized institutions in Ghana.

You only qualify for a Loan from SLTF if;

  1. You are a Ghanaian
  2. You have attained admission to study an accredited tertiary programme in an accredited tertiary institution in Ghana.
  3. You are pursuing an undergraduate tertiary programme such as diploma or degree.

Here, students provide their legal documents required by the SLTF to be granted the loan.

Check: Colleges of Education Admission Forms||How to Apply.

Do you need a Guarantor?

Initially, one needed a Guarantor before he/she can access a loan from SLTF.

However, the introduction of the No-Guarantor policy under the current regime has made it easier for students to access loans, as one will present only the necessary documents demanded by the fund.

Can teacher trainees apply for student loan?

Even though teacher trainees are in accredited institutions, and reading accredited programmes, they are not eligible to apply for the loan due to the monthly stipends(allowances) they take.

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The allowance is a grant from the government that need not be paid back. It is a stipend to motivate the student teachers in the field of learning and also assist them to purchase learning materials for their learning journey.

Trainees can only apply for Students Loan from SLTF only if government stops giving them allowances.

However, trainees can go in for scholarships from institutions that are ready to offer them such assistance

Read also: Students Loan Trust Fund Releases Breakdown of What Teacher Trainees Should Expect.

It is sad to also know some scholarship firms are also not ready to support students at the colleges of education due to the same trainee allowances. They claim it is enough to see them through college.

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Dzivenu Mawuko
Dzivenu Mawuko
11 months ago

And the allowance too they are not paying too.

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