We were not treated fairly in the just-ended CENWEST Inter Colleges Sports Festival-Bia Lamplighter College


The Bia Lamplighter College of Education Alumni Union(BAU) has issued a statement asserting the college has been treated unfairly at the just-ended CENWEST Inter Colleges sports festival held at Enchi College of Education from 2nd to 7th October 2022.

According to the release by the Alumni Body signed by the President, Fuseini Mohammed Adama, and the secretary, Simon Aduhene, reports received from their college Sports Organizing Committee and the Students’ Representative Council reveals the college has been repudiated their meriting trophy as champions in the Men’s soccer competition on the allegations that;

  1. BLACoE featured in unqualified prayers in the competition
  2. BLACoE played a fixed match in one of their games.

However, The Alumni Body has stated categorically that the allegations leveled against the college are untrue in the sense that,

  1. All the sportsmen and women presented at the festival by the BLACoE were students of the College
  2. BLACoE Never played a fixed match with any of the colleges.

The Union put in that it is the responsibility of the CENWEST Organizing Committee to do a background check of all the submitted players by each college before permitting them to play.

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“Why didn’t the organizing committee bring out this allegation in the initial stage of the competition but allowed it onto the final stage before? We wish to state categorically that the allegation leveled against BLACoE by the Organizing Committee were baseless, frivolous, acrimonious and without facts”, the Union stated

In elucidating the allegation of playing a fixed match, the union articulated it is unfortunate that without evidence, the organizing committee made such an uncalled-for allegation against the college.

Adding that, BLACoE defeated Komenda College of Education, Foso College of Education, Wiawso College of Education, and Enchi College of Education. Therefore, it is ridiculous to state that BLACoE played a fixed match.

Stating some instances, The Alumni Body believes the right thing the Organizing Committee had done was to present the trophy to the college and proceed with their investigations. And If their findings come out valid, they then punish the College by recalling the trophy back and expunging it from their records.

The Union has therefore described the decision of the Organizing Committee as a poor and clear violation of the rules of the game.

BLACoE Alumni Union has also posited the allegations have put the college into public ridicule and as well demoralized the sportsmen and women, the alumni body, the students, and the entire stakeholders of the college.

In view of that, the Union is calling on the CENWEST Organizing committee to;

  1. Present the trophy to the Bia Lamplighter College of Education Men’s Soccer Team as deserving champions within a space of a week
  2. Apologize in writing to the Bia Lamplighter College of Education for the Public ridicule they have caused the college

Concluding that failure of the Organizing Committee to comply with these will lead the Union to take further actions

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