Awaiting Semester Results? Here’s What You Need to Know and How to Access it


The delay of the end-of-semester results by UEW was a stressful time for many students, especially trainees in their affiliate colleges as they eagerly anticipate the release of their academic results.

With the advent of technology, many universities have opted to release results online, which is a convenient way for students to access their grades from the comfort of their homes. However, some universities still follow traditional methods of result dissemination, causing confusion and concern among students.

Recently, students in colleges of Education affiliated with the University of Education, Winneba, were eagerly awaiting the release of their semester results. Many assumed that the university would release the results on an online portal, causing a delay in the release of the grades. However, it has now been revealed that the results were sent in PDF format to the affiliated colleges of education.

As a result, some schools have printed the results and posted them on notice boards for students to access. Other schools have contacted their IT teams to separate the results so that each student can have access to their own grades. This has caused uproar among students, who describe the results as vague and unreliable.

If you are one of the many students eagerly awaiting your semester results, it is essential to remain calm and patient.

The Dean of Academic Affairs and Vice Principal of your college will communicate the medium through which you can access your results.

In the meantime, it is essential to prepare for any outcome and use the time to reflect on your academic progress and plan for the end of this semester.

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