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Are GTLE Resit Candidates Awaiting Results Part of the 2024 GES Recruitment?- Check Here

GTLE Resit Candidates Await NTC Results for GES Recruitment
GTLE Resit Candidates Await NTC Results for GES Recruitment

Trained teachers who sat for the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) resit papers last month are anxiously waiting for their results, as they hope to be considered for the Ghana Education Service (GES) recruitment set to commence on May 15, 2024.

These resit candidates are concerned that if their results are not released in time, they may miss out on the opportunity to participate in the recruitment process.

However, recent information gathered by Coleman Publications indicates that the National Teaching Council (NTC) has already begun the marking of the resit GTLE papers.

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The NTC is working diligently to ensure that the marking process is completed efficiently and accurately.

If all goes as planned, the results are expected to be released before the end of May.

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If the results are indeed released on time, the resit candidates will have the chance to fully partake in the GES recruitment exercise.

In light of this, individuals awaiting their GTLE resit results are advised to have their necessary documents prepared and readily available.

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This will enable them to promptly apply once their results are officially released.

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