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College of Education Fees for the 2022/2023 Academic year


The Conference of Principals of the Colleges of Education(PRINCOF) released school fees for the 2022/2023 academic year for all the accredited Colleges of Education in the country are as follows according to programmes;

Programmelevel 100level 200level 300level 400
Early Grade2,991.501,645.911,407.311,148.68
Primary Education2,991.501,645.911,407.311,148.68
JHS Education2,991.501,645.911,407.311,148.68
Approved fees by PRINCOF
Note: These fees exclude Feeding fees and Examinations fees

The feeding fees are part of the students’ allowances. This component would be paid by the government through the Ministry Of Education and the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission to the colleges of Education.

The Examination fees to be paid to the various affiliate Universities for the academic year is GH¢920.00. Students are to add this amount to the above-stated fees when making payments.

Other charges are college based. All must be factored by students to get their holistic fees to pay for the academic year

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