Another Good News Loading For Teacher Trainees


Information reaching us indicates teacher trainees might receive another disbursement from SLTF by the end of this month.

That is, Teacher trainees will receive another arrear of their stipend by the end of October.

These are measures put in place by the SLTF to ensure all the arrears are paid especially to the final-year students before they leave campus.

Given that, the various Allowance Liaison Officers in the colleges were charged yesterday by SLTF to present another updated list of students ensuring all those who could not receive the last disbursed stipends due to a mismatch of information duly rectified.

Out of the seven months’ arrears of the teacher trainees allowance, four months’ arrears had been paid successfully.

Trainees are to anticipate the remaining arrears of their allowance by the end of this month, all things being equal.

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