Aldersgate Methodist Basic School in KEEA Municipality Receives Generous Donation of Dual Desk a Native


The Aldersgate Methodist Basic School in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem Municipality has received a generous donation of 20 dual desks from a community native, Mr Kweku Kum.

The presentation of the desks to the school was graced by the Superintendent Minister/Local Manager Very Reverend James Dominic Hammond and Mrs Perpectual Amegashie, Regional Manager of Methodist Schools, Central Region on the 24th of March 2023.

Mr. Kum expressed that he had seen the schools in the municipality struggle with various challenges, including a lack of furniture, and one of the schools in dire need was the Aldersgate school.

He stated that as part of his support to the community, he decided to donate the desks to the school, hoping to alleviate some of the problems the school is facing.

The Dual Desks Transported from Takoradi to the school premise, Komenda

The Head Teacher for the School, Mr. S.K Anancy, expressed his profound gratitude to Mr. Kum for the kind gesture in an interview with Coleman Publication.

He stated that the school had a population of 736 students and their major challenge was furniture. Due to the inadequate number of desks in the school, they were forced to use plastic chairs which were borrowed from a church closer to the school, which was still not enough.

Mr. Anancy went on to state that the school needed a total of 120 dual desks, and he was thankful that Mr. Kum had already provided them with 20.

According to Him, he is overwhelmed by the donation of Nana Kum as the desks were  prepared in Takoradi and transported to the school free of charge.

He stated that, the school is not without its other challenges, one of them being the state of the school building. Mr. Anancy urged the general public to come to their aid, just as Mr. Kum had done, for the betterment of the students in the school.

The donation of the dual desks to Aldersgate Methodist Basic School by Mr. Kum is a clear example of how one person’s generosity can make a significant impact in a community.

It is hoped that others will follow suit and offer assistance to this and other schools that are facing similar challenges.

The donation of the desks will undoubtedly go a long way in creating a conducive learning environment for the students of Aldersgate Methodist Basic School. However, the authorities of the school are asking for more as their population is getting closer to 800.

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