Akatsi College of Education Postpones 14th Congregation

Akatsi College of Education Announces the Vacancy of the Position of the College Principal
Akatsi College of Education Announces the Vacancy of the Position of the College Principal

The management of Akatsi College of Education (AKATSICO) has made an official announcement regarding the postponement of its eagerly anticipated 14th Congregation graduation ceremony.

This decision was conveyed through a notice signed by the Ag. College and aimed at ensuring the well-being of staff, students, and the entire college community.

Originally scheduled for the 21st of July, 2023, the 14th Congregation has been temporarily deferred. The college regrets any inconvenience caused by this change and assures all graduands that a new date will be announced in due course.

With a sincere commitment to preserving the significance and integrity of the graduation ceremony, the college has emphasized the importance of patience from all graduands awaiting the rescheduled date.

Despite the temporary delay, the management of AKATSICO remains committed to celebrating the achievements of its graduands and ensuring a remarkable and fitting conclusion to their academic journey.

As the college continues to evaluate the prevailing circumstances and takes into consideration the welfare of its community, updates on the rescheduled date for the 14th Congregation graduation ceremony will be communicated to all concerned parties in a timely manner.

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In the meantime, graduands are kindly requested to exercise patience and understanding as the college works diligently to finalize the arrangements for their long-awaited moment of recognition and celebration.

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