Some Reasons Why You Should Consider College Instead of University


Advancing from senior High School is a significant milestone on your path to adulthood and a future career.

And spending years to get to this point should make you feel a sense of profound accomplishment.

But now, you are faced with a new set of questions, challenges, and decisions, as to where to delve next.

is it a college of Education or a University?

Well, college and university generally are academic equals. Depending on your needs, one type of institution may be a better choice.

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Colleges and universities primarily just vary in program offerings and degree types. Universities are the larger institutions offering both undergraduate and graduate programs, Colleges are only offering undergraduate programs.

However, there are many reasons you should choose college instead of university, and some include;

Student engagement

In the universities, due to larger settings students who need the attention most, end up being ignored.

At colleges, with their smaller class sizes, students don’t only find it easier to engage with teachers but the smaller settings also help them become part of the student community.

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Due to this increased engagement, students become more active participants in the class whereas in very large classes most of them tend to become passive observers.

Moreover, students in these smaller classes(colleges) tend to have a better relationship with their teachers and evaluate their teachers and classes more favorably.

Cost Effective

The fee payment system in training colleges in Ghana is annual. Just like any other public university, students in training colleges are required to pay yearly school fees.

And the School fees are the same for all training colleges across the country, but due to internal arrangements in each college, variations may be seen, which exist minimal.

As compared to the University, fees paid are lower and affordable. Students at the universities pay higher amounts for concessions and tuition. As a state-run institution, a college student pays much cheaper.

Monthly allowances

Currently, The Nana Akuffo Addo lead Government of Ghana pays a monthly allowance to train college students during active academic months. These students are paid 6 months monthly allowance per year and 3 months per semester

In all ¢400 is the monthly allowance of which GHc249 is used as a feeding fee for each student and GHC2 as their TTAG Levy.

This gives each student in training college in Ghana ¢149 per month.


Do you remember the SHS boarding house system? Going to Dinning Hall three (3) times daily? Yes, students at colleges of Education are fed three times a day.

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However, due to the mature nature of students, the food served is of high quality compared to SHS.


Unlike universities and tertiary institutions, training colleges provide boarding facilities for both male and female students. This reduces the pressure of looking for your accommodation at higher prices as experienced by the University students

Degree programs

Currently, all the forty-six (46) Colleges of Education offer Bachelor’s Degrees in Education instead of the traditional diploma. The degree is a four-year course.


Even with the introduction of degrees to training colleges, all students are required to be in an approved uniform. Depending on your institution, you will have an attire to wear. This reduces the desire for fancy dresses(competition) and unnecessary expenses on attire.

Government Accreditation

Government accreditation for an institution has several benefits. It’s important to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, which you can do by looking for government-accredited institutions.

Your degree at college is recognized and accepted as it should be without any challenges.

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Regular field experience in teaching practices.

Formerly, training college students spend 2years on campus and the last year in a nearby school for teaching practice as a mentee.

After the overture of the degree, students at colleges are taken through regular teaching practice throughout the entire four years of study. This makes them abreast with the mastery needed for employment.

Work Assured:

Once you are done with your programme and other requirements, you are assured of your postings. No need to hunt for jobs!

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