The Deep-rooted Reason Behind Africa’s ‘Perpetual Poverty’


It has been frequently expressed in Africa that prayers alone possess the ability to draw forth prosperity and achievement.

Hence everywhere in Africa, we are told to pray and fast religiously with the motive that out of it shall we prosper.

In this article, our focus is on a country (Japan) that is not well-versed in prayer practices but firmly grasps the underlying principles of spirituality and hard work and compares it to Africa and you will appreciate this write-up.

Japan’s Success: Hard Work vs. Prayers

As stated earlier, it has often been said that prayers alone can bring prosperity and success. However, Japan stands as unequivocal proof that this notion is flawed.

Despite minimal natural resources and a lack of devout prayers, Japan has risen to become a prosperous nation through the sheer power of hard and smart work.

Contrary to popular belief, Japan is not a nation abundantly blessed with natural resources like Africa.

In fact, even the smallest African nations possess greater mineral wealth than Japan. Yet, Japan, with its resource scarcity, has managed to achieve unparalleled economic success.

This cannot be attributed to prayers, but rather to its unwavering commitment to diligent labour and innovation-driven policies.


Drawing inspiration from Ephesians 4:28, which states, “Work hard, so you will have something to give to people in need,” Japan has embraced the principle of hard work and has reaped the rewards.

Their prosperity is a direct result of their dedication to toil relentlessly and make valuable contributions to society.

This Biblical principle has propelled not only Japan but also China, both non-Christian nations, to become leading individual donors to Africa.

While Africa seeks divine intervention, Japan and China focus on their industrious endeavours, and as a consequence, they prosper while Africa continues to struggle. Prayer does not produce money, it is work that does!

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The Scriptures teach us that it is obedience to God’s commands that brings blessings, rather than mere belief.

Even demons believe in God, yet they are not blessed by Him. Therefore, it is not faith alone that invites blessings, but faithful obedience to His principles. And this is what religion is not teling us.

God calls upon everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, to work diligently and be blessed. As non-Christian nations like China and Japan wholeheartedly obey this divine command, God, in turn, blesses them abundantly.

What is Africa doing? We are waiting on God to bring us blessings whiles He has asked us to go out and be a blessing. Religion is not helping Africa!

Ironically, it is the absence of prayerful reliance on God that has necessitated Japan’s unparalleled work ethic.

In their pursuit of success, Japan has recognized that prosperity flows not from prayers alone, but from taking concrete action and working diligently towards their goals.

This realization has set them apart from Us who believe in divine intervention as the sole path to success. And that is where we are today! it is only in Africa that we solve our problems by prayer.

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it is important to emphasize that prayers can have a more substantial impact when supplemented with various other factors like hard work.

Do not spend 3 out of your 5 working days in a week at a prayer camp and expect to be prosperous! Know when to pray and know when to work (Selah). Africa Must be Great!

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