A Message from TTAG Women’s Commissioner to Trainees


Honorable Rita Agbenyo is the TTAG WEC Sector Women’s Commissioner. As part of inspiring and enlightening all trainees on 14th February, 2022 delivered an inspiring Message to all teacher trainees across the country during an interview section with Coleman publications.

When asked what are some of the things she believes can help one become a successful and brilliant student, She said;

"I have come to realize that successful students aren’t more intelligent than others but are more disciplined and focused. And here are some keys and basic principles I know for sure will work for all my colleagues when adhered to.

Firstly, we have to rely on systems and review any new information we learn: That is to say, as a student you have to develop a habit of constantly reading your notes and revisiting it daily to ensure you stay on top of the material. This will help you to move the information to your long term memory more quickly.

In addition, You must Write everything down by breaking big task to smaller ones. A faint pen they say is better than a large ear . To be an effective student, one must write and keep note.

Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination is a success ‘snatcher’. Students must be careful not to push what they must do today to tomorrow. What must be done today must be done accordingly. That’s a mark of a successful student.

I strongly believe intelligent isn’t a fixed trait but those who believe that they can become smarter actually do become smarter.

Despite the existence of the double track system, I want to assure my friends we can still complete school with the class we so desire, if we could work hard and stay strong.”

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