Special Message to All ‘SHS Leavers’


I want to congratulate you for fighting the good fight and sticking to the vision of completing SHS. You deserve applause.

But wait, don’t get excited yet! Your real-life BATTLES JUST STARTED.

Things you’ve seen and experienced are just the tip of the iceberg. Greater and greater are yet to come( this is not to instill fear in you but to tell you the reality on the ground)

The issue is not about you leaving (completing) SHS, the issue is with the outcome of the results. The best time to celebrate your victory is when the results are released.

That’s where some of you will know the fools you’ve made yourselves when you had the time and Chance.

The most pathetic aspect is coming out with flying colors and not having anybody to help you pursue higher education!

Beloved, This is not the time to be arrogant! This is not the time to be “filled” with disrespect and disregard towards the elderly in society!

This is not the time to feel proud and be full of pride towards your parents and people in your locality!

If there is a season to be humble, a season to be calm, a season to seek God, a moment to respect the elderly, a time to hearken to advice and directions from the elderly, this is the Time.

The truth of the matter now is, opportunities in our country are no more about your intelligence or qualification, it’s about who you know.

People are now looking for Character and attitude in all spheres of life. Be humble and pray for success.

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