A Female Student Sponsored by her Boyfriend now Expects Child with Coursemate


A Twitter user from Nigeria has revealed a shocking event in a friend’s life.

According to her, the friend had been supported financially by her boyfriend of four years, who owned a small footwear business.

However, the news is that her friend called from school to inform her that she is now pregnant and the father is none other than a coursemate.

She wrote, “My friend just called me that she’s pregnant mean while her boyfriend of 4 years has been sponsoring her through school from his small footwear business. Now She’s pregnant for her course

The revelation has sparked conversations and raised eyebrows among netizens. The news of the unexpected pregnancy has left many wondering about the future dynamics of the relationship.

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While the tweet does not delve further into the details, it serves as a reminder that relationships are multifaceted and subject to change and unforeseen circumstances.

As the story continues to circulate on social media platforms, curious onlookers are left wondering about the next steps for the ‘young couple’.

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