2024 Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination to be Held in…


According to the information gathered, it has been revealed that the 2024 Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) is scheduled to take place in March and April.

Aspiring teachers are urged to take note of this information and start preparing for the upcoming examination.

One important aspect to remember is that the pass mark for the GTLE remains at 70%.

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Candidates who score below this mark will be considered as failures. And failure in the examination will have consequences on future employment prospects within the Ghana Education Service.

It has been made clear that the Ghana Education Service will not employ any candidate who fails the GTLE.

Therefore, individuals who do not reach the required pass mark will be mandated to resit the examination and retake the particular papers they failed.

Aspiring teachers are urged to take this information seriously and make the necessary preparations to ensure success in the upcoming examination.

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Further updates regarding the official dates of the GTLE will be communicated by the National Teaching Council (NTC), and we will continue to keep our cherished readers informed.

We remain committed to providing our readers with the latest updates on the GTLE and any additional information that may arise.

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