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15 Students in One Senior High School Confirmed Pregnant, Headmistress Expresses Concern


St. Mary’s Girls Senior High School in Asante Akyem Central, a school known for its excellent academic performance and strict rules, is now facing a disturbing problem.

Recent reports show that 15 students, with different academic levels, are pregnant. While four are in their final year, 10 are in form two, and one is a new student, eager to start her secondary education.

The news has left the school’s headmistress, Ms. Alice Martha Adjei, in a state of confusion and distress. In an interview with Kessben FM’s Asumadu Dakwah, she expressed her concern over the situation and advised the affected students to take a break from school and return after delivering their babies. She also emphasized the importance of prioritizing their education and the need to make up for the lost time.

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The high rate of teenage pregnancies in the school has become a significant challenge for the headmistress and the school’s authorities. Ms. Adjei attributed the issue to several challenges that the school has faced since its inception, including the non-fencing of the school and encroachment on school grounds. She further stressed the importance of fencing the school’s premises to prevent outsiders from utilizing the campus as a route.

The problem of teenage pregnancies in Asante Akyem highlights the need for comprehensive support and action. It is not enough to advise the affected students to stay home and return after childbirth. The issue requires a more comprehensive approach, including providing adequate sexual and reproductive health education, promoting responsible sexual behavior, and ensuring that the affected students have access to quality healthcare and support services.

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Furthermore, addressing the root causes of teenage pregnancies, such as poverty, lack of education, and social norms that condone early sexual activity, requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, community leaders, and policymakers.

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